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Tips and observations on increasing protein stability and solubility. Avoiding aggregation of protein samples by tweaking the environments. Getting more use out of your protein sample by keeping proteins in solution and accessible to assays, storage and biophysical inspection.

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Protein Aggregates

Protein Aggregation is a nuisance. I’ve experienced it many times in my own research project, typically at the end of a week-long effort to express and purify a particular target protein. If not at that stage then as an outcome of crystallization experiments that I had set up. Most crystallization drops contain either precipitate or they remain clear. The ‘clears’ have always fascinated me (besides the drops with crystals of course) because there was direct evidence that I can tweak the protein environments in ways that keep the protein soluble for weeks and months at room temperature. So I knew, there is a way. I suspect that there’s a way to keep practically any protein in solution and accessible to assays, storage and biophysical inspection.
I suspect that for every protein with a specific sequence there is a ‘sweet spot’. The way to find this sweet spot is systematic variation of the solvent properties and testing the effect on the protein. This is what this product / blog is about.
I’d like to provide a forum/product toolset that lets you find this sweet spot.

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